Decarbonising the maritime industry



Over the last 20 to 30 years, the maritime industry has been marked, not by radical change but rather, by incremental improvement. Now with the introduction of ambitious decarbonisation targets, a clear trend has begun to emerge: the maritime value chain is determined to decarbonise shipping. What role will regulations and markets play in bringing about change? How should different players within the maritime ecosystem respond to the new demands and uncertain future, while maintaining a profitable industry?

Regulations on multiple fronts are requiring owners to decarbonise their fleets rapidly by forcing owners into compliance with indices for existing and new vessels. At the same time, key maritime stakeholders are joining forces in market-led schemes such as the Poseidon Principles or Sea Cargo Charter to tie investment and revenue to environmental performance. Responding to these pressures will take the right expertise and in the end, the whole maritime ecosystem is required to respond to these challenges. 

The SEA20 network organized two back-to-back online events with key stakeholders across the supply chain to discuss both sides of the coin: the impact of regulations and markets on the current and upcoming maritime decarbonisation efforts.

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SEA20 Panel discussion: Regulations accelerating decarbonisation 







SEA20 Panel discussion: Market actions accelerating decarbonisation








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