The history of humankind cannot be explained without seafaring. The future of humankind is incomprehensible without great cities. SEA20 brings together the world’s greatest marine cities and the world’s leading marine companies, organisations and experts.  

SEA20 stands for twenty SMART and ECOLOGICALLY-AMBITIOUS marine cities. Together with experts, NGOs and leading companies, these cities plan to lead the way to a more sustainable and successful future. Their mission is clear: to rethink the role of cities in marine ecosystems.  

Sustainable and smart marine ecosystems could mean radical reinvention of how cities use their shores and land. The flow of logistics, storage spaces, city planning, living conditions and carbon footprints might all be affected. New business models could emerge.  

But things do not happen on their own. There is no guarantee that the future will be better. A better future must be created. That is why SEA20 has been created. To make a better future possible.  

The aim of SEA20 is to connect twenty forward-thinking marine cities by the year 2020. Once fully operational, it will be an indispensable global network of people, businesses, NGOs and marine cities.  

For what purpose? To speed up the distribution of practical ideas, to hasten the adoption and deployment of best practises, embrace digitalisation and legislate new environmentally friendlier, sustainable and smarter ways of doing business across the seas.  

SEA20 is a not-for-profit initiative that is made possible by Wärtsilä, a global leader in marine technology. It is run by Nordic West Office, a global affairs consultancy and a think tank based in Helsinki, Stockholm, Brussels and Washington DC.