Under the auspices of SEA20, a hand-picked assembly of influential players at the epicentre of urban development were brought together in Hamburg in late August. They used this opportunity to pinpoint some of the ways in which cities can best take advantage of a Smart Ecosystem and all its cascading benefits to society at large. Through participatory design, the group developed a collection of future visions on how to address the complex challenges that lie ahead as the Smart Marine Ecosystem takes shape. 

The carefully selected team of passionate talents and innovative thinkers included:


Christian Roeloffs  

Co-leader of BCG xChange – an online market place connecting carriers, leasing companies, forwarders and traders to exchange empty containers – and former project leader at The Boston Consulting Group.  

Robert Heinecke 
Founder of Breeze Technologies – an environmental intelligence platform that offers hyper-local, comprehensive and accurate air quality data, as well as insights and actionable recommendations.  
Julian Petrin  
Expert in urban crowdsourcing, public participation and strategic urban planning; and founder of Urbanista, a consulting agency specializing in strategic planning and communication.  

Thorsten Kausch 
Self-employed marketing expert and former head of Hamburg Marketing. He and his team developed, for example, cultural local highlights such as the Reeperbahn Festival and the Hamburg Cruise Days.             

Anton Vanhoucke
Engineer, hacker and strategist at Fabrique, one of the major strategic design agencies in the Netherlands, with a passion to figure out what makes people tick as much as what makes machines tick.

Marjolein Boer
Innovation manager at Port of Rotterdam fostering innovation both internally for the port authority as well as outside the port itself.

Sabine Biesheuvel
Co-founder and managing director of BlueCity, a circular innovation hub aiming to accelerate the circular economy in the region through entrepreneurship and innovation.

Thomas Kosbau
Founder and Principal Architect at ORE Design + Technology prioritising toward projects that marry great design alongside sustainability.

Vien Truong
CEO of Dream Corps and leader of Green For All, a national initiative to build an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty.

Dong Ping-Wong
Founder at Food New York and Co-founder of Friends of + POOL, the world’s first water-filtering floating pool for New York City and one of the largest crowd funded civic projects in the world.

Peter Syrett
Partner at replace Urban Studio dedicated to creating better cities by examining the links between natural and man-made systems, public health, and regenerative design.

Vivien Leong
Vice President of Architecture at Singapore based Ipli Architects with a strong background in built environment. 

Song Kee Hong
Awarded associate professor & deputy head of the industrial design division at the National University of Singapore. 

Jason Pomeroy
Founder of Pomeroy Studio and Academy and award-winning architect, author and thought leader in sustainable design.

Inari Virkkala
Co-founder of architecture collective New Urban Collective and architect focusing on social impacts of the built environment.

Roope Mokka 
Founder of think-tank Demos Helsinki, entrepreneur
Co-founder of a Helsinki based think-tank Demos Helsinki, a professional futurist and urbanist with a focus on innovation. 

Olli Sirén 
Creative strategist at Miltton Creative and an activist with an urge to make cities smarter and more alive.