A number of SEA20’s key influencers were brought together in Hamburg in late August to determine how the cities they represent can best take advantage of the Smart Marine Ecosystem, and to reflect on how the benefits it confers will transform the way we all live. 

The diverse team of talents from the world’s most advanced marine cities began by looking at examples of what has already been done to enliven each of their port and waterfront areas. They then proceeded to develop a first mapping of themes and concepts to work with for the duration of the workshop. 

The main work then proceeded as the participants lifted their eyes towards the future, creating a timeline of perspectives, challenges and approaches from the past, through the present, and into the future: the city of tomorrow. Based on this timeline and the concept maps from the previous stage, they identified unmet needs and opportunities on which to base urban development ideas.

A large volume of initial ideas were generated, and the most promising ones selected for further development. These highlights were taken to the next level, with concepts elevated into concrete form to use as the basis for the first package of SEA20 visual inspiration, as seen at SMM in Hamburg during the launch of ‘An oceanic awakening’.