About SEA20



SEA20 is a not-for-profit initiative that connects Smart and Ecologically Ambitious maritime cities to facilitate the transition to a smarter and more sustainable global maritime future. The challenges our cities face, and the solutions we need to deal with the climate crisis and accelerating urbanisation, are all tied to the ocean.


SEA20 shares best practices between cities, creates analyses and insight on the root problems that hold back transformation, and facilitates discussions and workshops to connect cities, citizens, urban innovators and the industry to overcome these barriers.


As a follow-up to the industry-wide study Unleash our cities, the initiative is currently in the process of drafting city-driven principles for a smarter and more sustainable global maritime ecosystem. The SEA20 initiative is run by Nordic West Office, a global affairs consultancy, and made possible by Wärtsilä.


Joining the initiative: 



The initiative consists of two levels.

  1. SEA20 cities are at the core of the initiative. Their representatives have final say on SEA20 publications and other activities. SEA20 city representatives are asked to commit a little of their time and expertise to participate in network activities. Cities are also asked to share their best practises of solving issues within their maritime ecosystems.
  2. The network to support SEA20 and its drive for change is open to join for ports, NGOs, academic institutions, companies, experts and other interested stakeholders. Members of the network are invited to contribute and participate in SEA20 events, encouraged to become amplifiers of the need for change, and offered the opportunity to share their perspective with cities and the maritime community through the SEA20 platform.

There are no joining fees or participation costs. To facilitate connections and discussions, SEA20 will require a point of contact within each member organisation.

For more information or to join as a city or network member, please get in touch with the initiative through the sign-up form.


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