Key stakeholders surrounding the maritime sector will meet for an interactive Round Table discussion on the SEA20 initiative. The meeting aims to take the next steps towards a more promising and harmonised future for cities, oceans and the maritime industry.  


The UN has estimated that 66 per cent of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050. Challenges in meeting the needs of a proliferating global population place increasing demands on natural resources, city infrastructure and shipping. How can the global marine and energy sectors help address the challenges caused by rapid urban growth? How and where should new solutions be deployed to better serve the citizens of marine cities?  


As it is urgent to address these questions together, a Round Table discussion, as part of the first SEA20 High-level Meeting, will be organisedon June 27, 2019 in Helsinki.  


The event will, for the first time, bring together key findings, but also key people. Together, we can develop the next steps to be taken, in order to make the SEA20 initiative expand into all areas surrounding oceans and maritime industry. The preliminary findings of the Future of Maritime: A Global Analysis on Marine and the Environment will act as the base for the in-depth conversation and the attendees will be able to give their views and input for the final report.    


High-level participants  

The Round Table discussion will bring together a small group of core people to take the initiative further – the participants include Mr Jan Vapaavuori, Mayor of Helsinki; Mr Alexander Stubb, Vice President, European Investment Bank; Mr Jaakko Eskola, CEO, Wärtsilä Corporation and Mr Joshua Berger, Maritime Director, State of Washington, among other key stakeholders surrounding the maritime sector.  


Organised at the Hilton Hotel Kalastajatorppa in Helsinki, the event will be held in the context of the European Business Leader’s Convention – Northern Light Summit 2019.