Wake up to the potential of our Oceans in an era of unprecedented global change 

‘An oceanic awakening’ is a global movement focused on the radical transformation of the world’s marine and energy industries into one supremely efficient, ecologically sound and digitally connected ecosystem.  

Shipping is by far the most cost-effective way to move goods and people around the world. As consumer demand increases, maritime businesses are faced with major opportunities to improve operational inefficiencies that impose significant negative impact on profitability and sustainability. Better fuel efficiency, reduced congestion, the introduction of real-time communication between stakeholders – these are some of the issues that have become critical to transforming maritime trading today. 

Highlighting and proactively addressing these issues forms the basis of Wärtsilä’s drive to activate a fully-integrated Smart Ecosystem. A feat requiring collaboration across multiple segments and industry verticals and active involvement in leveraging emerging technologies to create new business opportunities for the benefit of all.  

The world’s most strategically important marine cities have been invited to converge via Wärtsilä’s SEA20 Forum; where cross-border dialogue and co-creation are fostered through an ongoing series of events and workshops.  

Change is coming 

The future of the marine industry is not so much about ships, as it is about improving global transport for a world in flux. In a world where globalisation is going digital, the convergence of new emerging technologies is becoming the only way to ensure open and efficient collaboration among individuals, companies, cities and nation states. Wärtsilä understands that evolving the Smart Marine Ecosystem is all about handling change in the coming decades.  

To drive action and create the right forum for decision makers to sculpt this massive series of developments, Wärtsilä announced SEA20, and issued an invitation to the world’s most important, forward-looking marine cities, to not only acknowledge this ‘wake up’ call but pledge their involvement in doing something about it. 

First cities to support the idea of promoting sustainable marine through comprehensive co-operation are Rotterdam, Hamburg and Helsinki.